Plasma Cutting for Manufacturers: Choosing The Right Supplier

Companies who need high-definition plasma cutting for their operation need to be sure of an accurate, reliable service with rapid turnaround. That’s why finding the right supplier is crucial to avoid costly delays.

We asked our expects, based on their years of experience as a renowned steel forming and metal fabrication sub-contractor serving the UK and Ireland, to outline some essentials to consider when choosing a high-definition plasma cutting supplier.

We’ve also included a Essential Plasma Cutting FAQs section to help manufacturers find the right solution – as well as avoid the wrong options! – for their needs.

Plasma Cutting and Your Business

Conor Ward of Steelworx recommends checking three headline areas when searching for the right plasma cutting subcontracting partner…

1, Accuracy: “Always ask for the specification of the machinery used. For our part, we use one of our two plasma cutters along with a Hypertherm power source for quality finish. A supplier should be able to outline the details of the equipment they’ll use.”

2, Quality: “The quality of the finish should be very easy to see straight away. Two tips to watch out for: check the level of training a supplier has invested in for their machine operators and also look at the supplier’s client list. A string of blue chip customers will mean the business has experience in dealing with, and retaining business with, clients with very high quality demands.”

3, Service: “Ask yourself who your point of contact in the subcontractor company will be. Will you be able to pick up the phone at any time to speak to an experienced engineer? You’re looking for a fast, knowledgeable ‘professional to professional’ service where the subcontractor wants to work hard to maintain their reputation with every order, phone call and piece of work.”

High Definition Plasma Cutting for UK/ Ireland Manufacturers: Enquiries Welcome

To explore how specialist high definition plasma cutting from an established supplier could work alongside your manufacturing operation simply call for initial discussion with Steelworx in-house engineer Peter Nicholl.

Continuous investment in training and machinery makes Steelworx one of the UK and Ireland’s leading plasma cutting sub-contracting companies, delivering deliver high quality precision products while minimising costs at reduced turnaround times. We’ll be proud to show you why we’re trusted by leading manufacturers.

July 22, 2020