How Does High Definition Plasma Cutting Work? Behind The Scenes at Steelworx

How does high definition plasma cutting work from initial concept to each finished job? Our step by step guide goes behind the scenes at Steelworx – a renowned steel forming and metal fabrication sub-contractor serving the UK and Ireland – to outline what happens before, during and after this specialist process. 
Conor Ward, Director at Steelworx describes the five stages of a high definition plasma cutting projects, plus covers a few impressive stats from the 16,000 sq foot Steelworx operation along the way, in our latest blog… 
High Definition Plasma Cutting Stage 1: Initial Contact 
“A customer will contact our engineer Peter Nicholl for an initial chat. They’ll send on their drawings for advice then come for a tour of the factory or view videos and photo of the machines at work.

“Customers who can come to us in person can see how the quality of the cutting itself speaks for itself, but our track record of work for clients including extremely demanding blue-chip customers also gives a great deal of reassurance. This means, ultimately, quality and precision is thankfully a given.” 
High Definition Plasma Cutting Stage 2: Converting to CNC format

“We’ll take the customer’s specification and prepare it in CNC computerised format to set up the plasma cutting machine. This also means splitting the work needed in the customer’s drawing pack into any different thickness of materials. Most will use 2m x 4m, or 2m x 6m, sheets but occasionally an unusual size is needed.” 
High Definition Plasma Cutting Stage 3: The Plasma Cutting Machine

“The factory office will already have organised the ‘nest’ on the sheet to organise the largest possible amount of cutting with waste kept to a minimum. Using the raw materials – we bring in 2,000 tonnes per year! – the operator of our £100,000+ high definition plasma cutting machine will load the machine with the correct sheet, make sure it is lined up and watch for any issues during cutting.”

High Definition Plasma Cutting Stage 4: Press Brake Bending 
“CNC format information is also used to set one of our three press brake folding machines – 400 tonne 4m, 120 tonne 4m and 160 tonne 4m, each worth £100,000+ – to output exactly as needed. A skilled operator will make sure the right angle and tooling is used to ensure a perfect job.”

High Definition Plasma Cutting Stage 4: Dispatch or Fabrication

“If a customer wants a cut and folded kit to carry out fabrication themselves then the now-folded metal is checked, shrink-wrapped and palletised for transport to their location. 
“If a finished product is needed our fabricator works from the customer’s drawing to combine the parts and ‘tack’ them together in place for, generally, the welder to complete before sending.”

High Definition Plasma Cutting for UK/ Ireland Manufacturers: Enquiries Welcome 
To explore how specialist high definition plasma cutting from an established supplier could work alongside your manufacturing operation simply call for initial discussion with Steelworx in-house engineer Peter Nicholl. 
Continuous investment in training and machinery makes Steelworx one of the UK and Ireland’s leading plasma cutting sub-contracting companies, delivering deliver high quality precision products while minimising costs at reduced turnaround times. We’ll be proud to show you why we’re trusted by leading manufacturers. 
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August 24, 2020