Working With A Metal Fabrication Company: A Step by Step Guide

As a leading metal fabrication company – we’re trusted by clients across the UK and Ireland – we receive a large number of enquiries about new metal fabrication projects. 
In particular, for customers who haven’t worked with a specialist metal fabrication business before, we’ve outlined the basic steps involved in turning your metal fabrication plans into a reality. 
Conor Ward of Steelworx has explained that the process falls into four clear stages. 
Read on to discover the essentials… 
Working With A Metal Fabrication Company: Four Steps from Idea to Final Product

The stages every Steelworx customer will see their project move through fall neatly into four simple types, outlined by Conor below:

1, Initial enquiry: “When you contact Steelworx with your initial enquiry your call or email we’ll either ask for your exact requirements and plans or we’ll help with advice on the project you have in mind. 
“For the former we’ll ask for your drawings, check we can help with the service needed and let you know if we have any questions, such as queries around finish, before producing a quote. For those earlier in the process of developing an idea we’re happy to use our metal fabricating know-how to explain the work we can do to make a plan into a finished item.” 
2, Production of sample: “While we have many repeat customers who trust Steelworx to produce a precise, high-quality end result some customers prefer to see a sample as part of their own processes to check against the specification.

“We’ll usually have a sample sent to you within around a week.” 
3, Fabrication begins and final sign-off at Steelworx: “The quality of welding carried out by our very experienced welders is always checked and the critical dimensions checked against specification. 
“We pride ourselves on exceptionally high quality work and use an internal quality review to ensure these standards are kept.” 
4, Transport: “Orders are shipped five days per week with transport organised by Steelworx using couriers who have shown that their service is fast and reliable. 
“We’d normally expect the finished order to be with you in under two weeks.”

Why Steelworx? Continuous investment in training makes Steelworx one of the UK and Ireland’s leading bespoke metal fabrication companies, delivering high quality precision products with excellent turnaround times. We’ll be proud to show you why we’re trusted to deliver, every time.

August 24, 2020