Steelworx Company History: Over Half a Decade of Growth Through Excellence

With Steelworx about to reach its sixth year as a trusted metal fabrication specialist, the team has been reflecting on humble beginnings, some landmark moments for the business and even bigger plans still to come.

How did Steelworx begin? What has been the overall headline moment in the company’s history and where will its ambitious plans take the team next?

Conor Ward of Steelworx outlines the past, present and future of a renowned business now considered to be an authority in the metal fabrication sector.Steelworx Company History: 12 Months of Rapid ExpansionFormed in August 2014 with two people – including engineer Peter Nicholl – Steelworx began with one plasma cutting machine and one CNC press brake.

The challenge of building a reputation from a standing start was helped by Peter’s subcontracting engineering background of over 25 years.

Word soon spread and the business grew to employing up to 10 employees.

Conor explained: “The initial months were spent becoming well known and speaking to potential customers but we were delighted to be in a position to grow the team so quickly.”

Steelworx Company History: A Growth Milestone

Investment in a second new CNC plasma cutting machine during the summer of 2016 was matched with the gradual expansion of the team itself to a height of around 20 employees.

Then, thanks to becoming established for excellent results by a number of returning customers, the business outgrew its base and moved to new 15,000 ft² premises in September 2019.Conor pointed out that the investment in machinery, people and the factory itself were all closely linked: “We’ve always believed in continually training our staff and making sure we have the best possible machinery.

“Combined with the service we make sure people receive these factors came together to create a situation where we had to find much larger premises due to demand for our work. A very welcome problem to have!” Steelworx Company History: A Year of Change, An Ambitious Future

Investment in machinery continued including the arrival of a new CNC press brake in January 2020.

This particular year has also, of course, been a time of disruption for many businesses for obvious reasons however the Steelworx team has been continued to see strong demand and been in a position to make big plans for the future.

So far, 2020 has seen Steelworx make its mark mainly, but not exclusively, in three areas of work…

High quality garden centre products: In response to the demand for garden centre products, and benefiting from an clear advantage over mass produced items common in the sector, Steelworx has supplied garden centres in the UK and Ireland with high end firepits made with heavy steel to exacting standards.

Materials handling sector expertise: A Steelworx specialism, demand has continued to be seen thanks to a track record of excellent cut, folded and fabricated parts work for the materials handling industry.

A go-to company for trailer makers: The transport sector also continues to turn to Steelworx as a trusted name for metal fabrication.

What next for Steelworx? With a large spread of repeat customers across the UK and Ireland some impressive plans are under way.

Conor outlined big thinking within the Steelworx team for the coming years: “In the next 12 to 24 months we’re going to be looking for more opportunities outside the materials handling sector including joint ventures with OEMs to give them a complete product from start to finish.

“We also plan to develop more garden products for 2020 / 2021 and, that aside, we’ll be looking into more niche products over the next 2 to 3 year.”Details of new products, expertise and developments will continue to be published on the Steelworx company website…watch this space!

Why Steelworx?Continuous investment in training makes Steelworx one of the UK and Ireland’s leading bespoke metal fabrication companies, delivering deliver high quality precision products with excellent turnaround times. We’ll be proud to show you why we’re trusted to deliver, every time. Simply contact us to discuss your project or product.

August 24, 2020