Behind the Scenes at Steelworx: Meet Our Engineer

Steelworx customers, old and new, contacting the renowned metal fabrication company will have the production of their project overseen by Peter Nicholl, Co-Founder of Steelworx
Our profile of its well-known engineering specialist will help outline what can be expected when they place an order with the County Tyrone company.  
We’ll also explain why Steelworx is “more than just a supplier” to those who trust the business for their metal fabrication and steel forming needs. 
Read on to find out more about Steelworx lynchpin Peter Nicholl… 

A Lifetime of Expertise 

Peter brings over 25 years of management, manufacturing design and sub-contracting experience to every client project, thanks to a career beginning at 16 years old with a screening equipment company. 
His expertise has been utilised by various screening, crushing and recycling machinery companies in County Tyrone, and various agricultural and trailer manufacturers, ever since. In particular, over 11 years with Macc Engineering and Terramac Fabrication mean the perfect foundation for life at Steelworx.

Steelworx and Your Project

We asked Peter to explain how he uses his experience to help clients when they contact Steelworx.

He explained how the combination of specialisms in his professional career meant he can support customers with one essential factor to consider: “Having design experience and experience of so many years managing sub-contracting means being able to see things from the customer’s point of view. 
“But even more importantly it helps with looking at the efficiency of a project to find out if there’s any way to do it cheaper, after all there’s no point in making something if it’s too expensive.

A Bright Future at Benburb

While, at the time of writing, sub-contracting is going through a challenging period due to COVID-19 and other factors, the list of returning clients who rely on Peter’s expertise mean Steelworx continues to benefit from being an established name in the sector and is growing its client list across Ireland and GB. 
Peter added that treating every client as an individual, and working hard to make sure superb service is always received, is both the reason behind this success and also the ethos that will keep Steelworx delivering: “Every project and customer is different as they all have different needs. Every customer is important to Steelworx, we endeavour to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. 
“Sometimes it will all come down to price and other times it will be design-led, but most of all we always try to help people along the way.  
“That includes help with how to do something for less cost or more efficiently.”

Why Steelworx?

Continuous investment in training makes Steelworx one of the UK and Ireland’s leading bespoke metal fabrication companies, delivering high quality precision products with excellent turnaround times. We’ll be proud to show you why we’re trusted to deliver, every time. Simply contact us to discuss your project or product.

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September 16, 2020